It's.... been a while

So, new things get!

Ginga Force for the 360 and Strikers 1945 Part II on PCB.

Some brand new wheels! A 2013 Honda Fit.

And a new computer desk.

Actually, this isn't all, but I'm holding off on showing the other stuff until later.

Dust glitching

So, I've been playing a lot of Dust: An Elysium Tale since its release this past Wednesday on XBLA. And wouldn't you know it, I managed to fall out of the standard play area and ended up stuck inside the wall of the map sector below where the glitch occurred (it was in the snowy mountain stage). Once stuck there, I couldn't escape.. I had to reload a prior save.. which thankfully was only a couple of minutes prior to when I got stuck.

Oh, yeah, there was local Shmupmeet last weekend...

From left to right: Zakk playing Cardinal Sin (on the 360 release of Eschatos), Gwyrgyn playing Battle Garegga (on Saturn), CryBringer playing Giga Wing 2 (on DC) and StarCreator playing DDP DOJ BLEX (on 360).

Maxim X playing Gradius Galaxies (GBA being played on the GameCube through Super GB adapter).